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Is a design and supply company of moulds and plug made in a kit, for the Italian and foreign nautical market.

Thanks to the strong experience acquired over the years, and the high technological content of its products, has collaborated with the most prestigious international designer and shipyards.


The inventor of this system, Umberto Petricich was one of the first nautical designers that has applied the CAD technology to the shipbuilding methods, for the design and the production of moulds.


Creator and innovator, in a sector where the core of the work is handmade, has succeeded to integrate the new CAD technology with the manual experience of the carpenters, with noteworthy results, on time saved and in the final quality of the yachts built.




Was to transform "a paper construction plan on a desk”

 to  "a CAD file into a desktop ! ” 

1998 has been the breakthrough year when

Umberto met  Bob Mc.Neel

in a B2B in Seattle, from both born immediately strong cooperation

in the development of the CAD functions necessary for the nautical

designer with Rhinoceros®.

Among today the most widespread CAD software worldwide for 3D modelling.




The speed of construction of moulds on site, precision, quality and durability,

are the stronger points of this system (Patented in 1996)

that makes possible to build new boats in an amazingly short time,

by reducing the work hours, transport costs and enviromental impact,

with the use of recycled wood ♻︎, that has much more solidity than natural wood.




The Company continues in its growth day after day,

by investing in new resources and new technologies, to offer to the market,

products and services, increasingly effective and competitive.

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