Many  other structures can be realized with the MYD system


The simulacrum is a " light " structure with the same shape and dimension

of the internal side of the boat laminated, and including bulkheads  and cabin planking, all cut by laser in any details.

​We can also supply the full

pre-cut forniture kit, made with any kind and any thickness of wood chosen, ready to be assembled inside of the simulacrum, while the hull is under lamination.

With this system we can also reduce the final production time, because all the forniture must be only fixed inside of the hull finished, and another advantage is that all the eventual adjustment can be updated in the laser machine file, before the new kit will be cut. 


The Plug for the foundry that have to realize the bulb in Lead,

is not made with a milling machine, but with MYD wooden kit.


With the same concept of the moulds and plug, any type of structure is achievable.

These are some examples of 

"self-supporting" cockpit cabin,

made entirely with phenolic marine plywood

(structure & covering)


All the MYD moulds and plug can be used​  in the autoclave

process building.


NLimits Dimension

In the 2001, in the "Carnival Cruiser ship " the terminal part of the funnel was built in GPR, using the

moulds kit, assembled directly

in the shipyard.

The built funnels are still operating on the bigger cruiser ship around the world.

Any composite object of any shapes, and any dimension can be realized with the MYD moulds.


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